All items will be shipped from Virginia, zipcode 22601.
Most Sailor Moon and Bella Sara card images are from my personal collection cards, not the actual card you will receive, unless stated otherwise in the listing. Take them as the guide what what the image on the card will look like, and contact me if you're concerned about wear on individual cards. The other cards (Gundam Wing, YuGiOh, Tenchi Muyo, etc.) and toys and other items up for sale ARE the exact items up for sale. But as always, if you have questions or would like additional pictures for details, please do contact me.
Yes, it does, in a most unfortunate way sometimes. I set up my shipping matrix based on the necessary envelope/box size per single item instead of actual weight, so shipping prices can sometimes escalate at an alarming rate if you buy multiple items like small figurines. Rest assured that you will be refunded for shipping overages after I ship your items.
If an item is on hold or shows zero quantity, that means it's probably been sold and I haven't deleted the listing yet. You can always inquire in case the sale did not go through or I find another extra in my collection, but don't be surprised if I no longer have the item.